Cost effective

By reducing overall weight and limiting wastage, custom welded beams are able to be incredibly cost effective. These weight savings can also reduce the costs associated with the building’s foundations.

Free design services

Talk to STELTECH® to ensure that you have the most efficient structural design. Our engineers have years of design and associated technical experience and their in-depth knowledge is offered to you free of charge.

Lower construction costs

As loads vary across a structure, we can fabricate members to the exact size needed to meet the loading constraints at each point. This helps reduce weight.

More Productive

Custom welded beams make your job easier by reducing fabrication time. Large, clear spans with no columns are made possible by including tapered beams and this can deliver far more flexible internal layouts.


STELTECH® beams and columns are 100% New Zealand made. The iron is sourced from West Coast beaches and is processed into high grade steel by New Zealand Steel at Glenbrook.

Having a local supplier helps ensure that our steel is of a very high quality and that it meets New Zealand’s stringent structural and seismic standards. Our products also help provide jobs to more than 1000 Kiwis, whilst some of our direct competitors choose to import hot rolled sections or welded structures from offshore.

Steltech sources all its steel plate requirements from New Zealand Steel, which Is manufactured to AS/NZS3678 and has been certified under the ACRS third party product certification scheme, more info

Steel plate from New Zealand Steel also carries the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) eco-label making it eligible for points under the MAT-8 Green Star steel credit, more info
New Zealand Steel's Glenbrook based steel mill
New Zealand Steel's Glenbrook based steel mill
Hot steel slab manufactured by New Zealand Steel
Hot steel slab manufactured by New Zealand Steel




From beginning to end, steel can be recycled into new products with no loss in quality. STELTECH's scrap from our manufacturing process can be combined with post-consumer scrap and then be recycled into other forms of high grade steel.



Due to its magnetic properties, steel is easy to separate from waste streams. World Steel and Steel Construction organisations’ studies show that at least 85% of construction steel is recovered for recycling.