STELTECH® introduced optimised steel beams to New Zealand in the early 1990s, so we have over twenty years’ experience in designing and manufacturing for a wide range of projects in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Steel Limited, New Zealand’s largest steel making facility and the only plate steel manufacturer in the country. New Zealand Steel is also the world pioneer of the process that produces steel from natural iron sand. New Zealand Steel itself is owned by BlueScope Steel Limited.

STELTECH® commenced operation at our Takanini, Auckland site in 1986, producing roll formed sheet metal components for buildings and pioneering a number of roll forming techniques in the New Zealand market. Through our involvement in the construction industry, the company realised that an opportunity existed to supply a more efficient portal frame system than the imported Hot Rolled Sections used at the time.

After researching several alternatives, we settled on developing an optimised welded beam system, as this offered the flexibility needed for a smaller market like New Zealand. It also came with the added advantage of being able to utilise New Zealand Steel manufactured plate rather than imported steel.

The custom welded beam system developed by STELTECH® is based around a Climax Pull Welder that automatically aligns the flanges and webs, then uses two twin wire Lincoln Submerged Arc Welders to fillet weld each side. To enable us to make beams longer than the available 12 metre plate length, STELTECH® also invested in three splicing work stations to splice shorter lengths of plates together. This now helps us make single piece beams up to 24 metres in length.

The innovation behind the Steltech manufacturing process almost single-handedly created a new market for wide, clear-span buildings.

In 1995, to support our welded beam technology, the STELTECH® team developed MemDes®, software that assists engineers in designing efficient steel members, including custom welded beams. This program is still widely used in New Zealand and overseas to design a variety of steel structures. With these new tools, designers are continually able to push the boundaries, using STELTECH® product to create larger and larger spans.

Our Team 

Brad Stark - GM

Joanne Lee - Sales Manager

James Rattrie - Supply Chain & Quality Manager

Wainui Senio - Office Manager

Mostafa Nabati - Structural Engineer

Raghunandan Raman - Structural Engineer

Simi Nanuan - Production Detailer

James Akana - Production Detailer

Shirley Bailey - Administrator



Design Services

We can work with your engineer to develop preliminary designs, provide complete designs that include connectors and a producer statement, or simply have a friendly chat to offer advice.

Our Products

Operating since 1987, STELTECH® is New Zealand’s leading producer of three-plate welded beams for a wide range of construction and industrial applications.

Design Resources

Our free specification, dimensional tolerance and design tables plus our proprietary design software, MemDes, are available to assist with your design process.