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Weathering Steel Design Guide For Bridges

Weathering steel is a high strength, structural steel that, in suitable environments, develops a tightly adherent oxide layer or patina’, which significantly reduces the corrosion rate compared with conventional structural steel.

Weathering steel has been used since the 1930’s in railway coal wagons, bridges, buildings, facades and many architectural features such as sculptures and landscaping. It has been used extensively in North America, Europe and Japan  or over 55 years; and over the last 10 years in New Zealand. When designed and detailed correctly, taking into account the environmental factors that governs its use, it has exhibited excellent performance.

A well designed and correctly detailed weathering steel bridge, in an appropriate environment, can provide an attractive, very  low maintenance, economic solution and extends the scope for cost-effective steel bridges.

Accordingly, the Heavy Engineering and Research Association of NZ and Opus International Consultants NZ (now WSP Opus), have prepared this document entitled ‘Weathering Steel Design Guide for Bridges in Australia’. The purpose of this publication is to  provide a collation of the necessary guidance for the Australian industry to assist with the efficient and appropriate application of weathering steels in Australian bridges. It also provides guidance to achieve the expected  performance of weathering steel in Australian bridges, to realise the planned life span of the bridges.

This publication covers the designing, construction, inspection, maintenance and even rehabilitation of weathering steel,  should corrosion rates exceed those anticipated at the design stage, as well as discussing the limitations on the use of weathering steel. Comments and queries on the guide should be referred to HERA.

HERA Design Guide for Bridges in Australia

HERA Design Guide for Bridges

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