As an active member of the Heavy Engineering Research Association’s Bridge Development Group, we believe that using steel in conjunction with concrete delivers a most efficient solution for many bridging applications.

Steel is lightweight and has a large spanning capability, which reduces the super-structure weight. This, in turn, allows for lighter concrete foundations. The steel structures are fabricated off site and lifted into place. This reduces the time spent on site, lowers costs and reduces site safety risks.

The image here shows the Keri Keri Heritage Bridge, designed by Richardson Stevens Consultants. It is an impressive reflection of just how steel can be used to create complex, yet visually pleasing structures.

Our Products

Operating since 1987, STELTECH® is New Zealand’s leading producer of three-plate welded beams for a wide range of construction and industrial applications.

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We can work with your engineer to develop preliminary designs, provide complete designs that include connectors and a producer statement, or simply have a friendly chat to offer advice.

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Our free specification, dimensional tolerance and design tables plus our proprietary design software, MemDes, are available to assist with your design process.