STELTECH® beams give designers more flexibility

Manufacturing scope

We typically manufacture beams that fit within the following limitations. These are a general guide to our standard manufacturing limitations, contact us if you need something outside these as often we can find a way work outside these though this could have an impact on the cost.

Normal Manufacturing Limitations
Dimensions Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
Flange Thickness  8 100
Flange Width 162 600
Web Thickness 5 50
Web Depth 200 2,400
Length 3,500 23,500*
    *30,500 by arrangement


Plate Grades, Width and Thicknesses
Details on our standard plate widths and thickness are available below.


Pre Camber may be achieved at various stages of the design and fabrication process as detailed below:

  • At the design and detailing stage – by adjusting the slope of the member etc
  • At STELTECH® manufacturing stage – by using a curved web plat
  • At fabrication stage – by application of heat or other means by the fabricator

Beam Surface Condition 
All welded members are manufactured from hot rolled steel, which is in 'as rolled' condition and the welded members are dispatched in a similar condition. All surface preparation and painting is to be carried out as part of the subsequent fabrication process.

Web Penetrations and Bolt Holes
Web penetrations can be cut with a minimum 100mm diameter and to within 100mm of the edge in addition to well as cutting web bolt holes.

Mill Test Certificates
If you require Mill Test Certificates for the steel plate going into your beams please request this when you place the order. Example Mill Test Certificates are available on request.

Dimensional Tolerances
We square cut all flange and web edges.  We manufacture our beams in accordance with the tolerances as specified in NZS 3404:1997 other than members with flanges less than 18mm or webs 10mm where you need to verify the tolerances with STELTECH® at the time of design or ordering.

Weld Processes 
Practically all welding used is an automatic submerged arc process. The balance uses a manual flux core welding process. All splices in flanges and webs are complete penetration butt welds.  We achieve a deep penetration fillet weld on all flange to web connections by using continuous submerged arc welding fillet welds other than for the last 200 to 300 mm at each end of the member where they are completed with flux core fillet welds.  Our welding procedures are available for inspection on request.

Welding Standards
Standard Fillet Weld Sizes are 5mm, 6mm, 8, or 9mm with larger welds available by special request.  Beams are welded single or double sided depending on the requirements.  All welding is in accordance with AS 1554.1 Category SP with non-destructive testing of up to 10% of flange splices using ultrasonic testing.

Unseals joints - single side weld
Where surface protection of the member is required normal painting systems will provide adequate protection to the non-welded side of the web to flange joint. For aggressive environments we recommend the consideration of a suitable sealant prior to painting.

Connection details often have a large effect on the critical detail category to the extent that welded members are no different to hot rolled in terms of fatigue performance. The designer may contact Steltech to discuss specific cases.

Product Suitability
Where steel products are purchased from STELTECH® Structural Limited it is the responsibility of the designer to ensure it is suited for the purpose for which it is intended.

Our Products

Operating since 1987, STELTECH® is New Zealand’s leading producer of three-plate welded beams for a wide range of construction and industrial applications.

Design Services

We can work with your engineer to develop preliminary designs, provide complete designs that include connectors and a producer statement, or simply have a friendly chat to offer advice.

Design Resources

Our free specification, dimensional tolerance and design tables plus our proprietary design software, MemDes, are available to assist with your design process.