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An elegant solution for the backbone of your building.

In line with our ongoing commitment to innovation, we recently partnered with Donovan Group NZ Limited. As an industry leader in the design, fabrication and erection of portal frame buildings, Donovan Group has been instrumental in helping us develop a nested, tapered box beam solution.

The result is VERTEBEAM®, a lightweight yet incredibly strong product that is quick to install and versatile enough to bring cutting-edge designs to life.

New building featuring STELTECH® VERTEBEAM®
New building featuring STELTECH® VERTEBEAM®


The flush layout of beams, girts and rafters makes a building constructed with VERTEBEAM® virtually vermin-proof. This has significant appeal for businesses operating in the food, storage and manufacturing fields.

Innovative design

Utilising nested cold formed box sections provides excellent torsional stiffness and spanning capability. The design methodology for VERTEBEAM® has been verified by the Heavy Engineering Research Association, so you can have full confidence in the system.

Cost savings

VERTEBEAM® uses plate stock extremely efficiently to reduce steel wastage. Fabrication painting costs are also significantly reduced, when compared to I sections, due to the simplified external geometry and smaller surface area.

Capabilities and Specifications

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VERTEBEAM® has been used in projects involving up to 50m clear spans and Donovan Group currently employs them on projects featuring 65m clear spans.

VERTEBEAM® is produced from coil plate folded into two tapered Cs nested inside one another. Donovan Group manufactures the beams using New Zealand Steel 6-10mm thick AS1594 HA 350 plate to a design based on AS/NZS 4600:2005. The intellectual property behind VERTEBEAM®, developed in partnership by Steltech and Donovan Group, has been protected by patent. The structural design methodology was verified to AS/NZS 4600:2005 by the Heavy Engineering Research Association.


3 plate welded beam

Custom welded beam

Custom welded beam

Custom welded beams are widely used in single level industrial and warehousing-type structures. The members are generally subjected to lightweight loadings and have generous plenum depth requirements.

This enables an optimised design approach to produce an efficient, custom-tapered welded member with 30-40% weight savings when compared to hot rolled beams.

The expression “custom-tapered welded members” indicates that they have been designed for a specific application, as opposed to an “off-the-shelf” item. Members under this classification may also be parallel (in other words, non-tapered), such as the columns in a fixed base portal frame. There may also be other reasons for the shape of the members not replicating the bending moment diagram directly.


A wide range of plate thicknesses is available, allowing the designer to select almost any thickness and depth combination to create a virtually infinite variety of structural members.


Our standard approach is to provide single-sided fillet welds on most members. Double-sided welding is available as an optional extra on all member types.

Box Beams
C Beams
T Beam
Tapered Beam
Tri Beam
welded BEAM

welded BEAM

When you need a small number of beams as an efficient alternative to hot rolled sections, we can offer an easy-to-use range of standard dimension parallel members with equal flanges. Typically, these provide 15% weight savings over the equivalent hot rolled beams. The section properties of standard welded members are defined and listed in the publication, “Design Capacity Table for Welded Sections”. To download our Design Capacity Tables, click here.

design tables

welded COLUMN

welded COLUMN

We have developed High Capacity welded sections specifically for columns and beams in high-rise construction up to 40 and 50mm. We can now offer these in G300 and G350 grades, as well as G300L15 and G350L15 to meet the new seismic requirements of NZS3404. We supply these in Column, Beam and Col-Beam section types, with weights up to 700kgs per metre.

design tables