Car Parks and Multi-Storey Buildings


High performance steel comes to the fore in multi-storey buildings. Steel is naturally lightweight and strong, which allows it to span greater distances.

Height is often the governing factor for multi-storey buildings. So reducing the depth of floor beams can offer an associated cost reduction, as well as allowing greater floor area beneath the same height. A common practice is to cut holes in the beam webs so that services and ducting can pass through, rather than under, the beam. This alone can take metres off the building height.

Above, the image of The University of Auckland Business School shows just what is possible with optimised welded beams and a dash of imagination. The finished result is a stunning architectural masterpiece.

The Deloitte Tower in Auckland is another example of how optimised welded beams provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing building solution. Designers were required to work within the confines of a building of historical significance. This meant that the floor height of the new structure had to exactly match that of the old building. By using steel columns and floor beams, the designers were able to work within these requirements and deliver a quality outcome. 

Te Herenga Mātai Pūkaha B405, new Engineering School building

Designed and constructed around the theme of Visible Engineering, this project showcases exposed custom STELTECH® beams.

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