Widely Accepted Free Design Software

Our free MemDes® design software is a quick and easy way to design structural steel members that is widely accepted and used by engineers throughout New Zealand. MemDes® enables the user to design standard and customised STELTECH® Welded Beams, as well as imported hot rolled beams where these prove suitable. The fire design module also allows the user to check that the capacity of their beams exceeds the design requirements in fire situations.


MemDes® is a steel member design program written to comply with the New Zealand structural steel design standard, NZS 3404:1997. New Zealand Steel has developed this programme for the benefit of New Zealand structural engineers. MemDes® version 3.3 is now available. The zip file can be downloaded to your MemDes® directory and then extracted to overwrite the existing files.


For a specific user ID file to ensure the correct details appear on the printed calculations, structural engineers should contact:

Jamie Macredie
Steltech Structural Limited
Freephone: 0508 STE-EEL (0508 783 335)

Our Products

Operating since 1987, STELTECH® is New Zealand’s leading producer of three-plate welded beams for a wide range of construction and industrial applications.

Design Services

We can work with your engineer to develop preliminary designs, provide complete designs that include connectors and a producer statement, or simply have a friendly chat to offer advice.

Design Resources

Our free specification, dimensional tolerance and design tables plus our proprietary design software, MemDes, are available to assist with your design process. 

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