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STELTECH® provides free engineering design services and technical support for your structure. We are highly experienced at designing structures that meet customers’ needs. We can work with your engineer to develop preliminary designs, provide designs that include connectors, or simply have a friendly chat to offer advice. Please feel free to email one of our design enigneers using the emails below.

Hazeldean Car Park, Christchurch CBD
Hazeldean Car Park, Christchurch CBD

Engineering support

Our experienced design engineers can provide technical support and answer any queries around your options for optimising your structural design.

Pricing comparision

If you need to compare a price to a STELTECH® design, contact our designers for a comparative quote based on our optimised options.

The smart solution

Our Design Service is the right approach for Industrial and Commercial Structure, Car Parks and Multi-Storey Buildings, Columns and Pile Bridges, Crane Rails.

Meet Our Designers


Talk to STELTECH® to ensure you have the most efficient structural design. Our engineers have years of experience designing cost effective and efficient buildings. Real savings for you are only a phone call away. Certain conditions apply, please ask.


Mostafa has been a structural engineer since 2006. He has worked in different areas such as designing multi-story, high-rise concrete/steel buildings along with optimising portal frames. He has been involved in several unique and individual structural software projects which make generating drawings and detail designs easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Mostafa joined Steltech in 2019 as a structural engineer to design/optimise portal frames as well helping with our digitisation journey through software development.


Raghu gained his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from India in 2018 and completed his Master's degree at the University of Auckland in 2021. His Master's research was on retrofitting concrete structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) sheets, during which he gained experience in seismic assessment of existing buildings in New Zealand. From 2020 to 2021, he also worked as a research assistant on the reparability of damaged RC walls, where he gained more experience in repair methodologies.

In 2022 he made the switch to working with Steel and has since been working at Steltech as a structural engineer to design and optimize steel portal frames.



Design Software images

Our free MemDes design software is the quick and easy way to design structural steel members. It is also widely accepted and used by engineers throughout New Zealand.

MemDes enables the user to design standard and customised Steltech® Welded Beams, as well as imported hot rolled beams where these prove suitable. The fire design module also allows the user to check that the capacity of their beams exceeds the design requirements in fire situations.



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With many years’ experience, we can point to countless successful building projects completed on time and on budget. Take a look for yourself.


Whilst we have every confidence in our design services we recommend that you engage a third party engineer to review your final design. We will not be responsible for any defects in the design and we do not warrant the suitability or fitness for purpose of the final design in any way.